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Sunday, 21 Apr 2019

The Way for Protecting Cloth Sofa

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There is a sofa in almost every home. However, how to keep it as a new one?

Here’re some tips for reference:

1. Un-disassembled Sofa:

Dust Cleaning:

Sweep off dust with vacuum cleaner, and then wipe with towel without much water. Or it will get wet, become deformed, or shrink with too much water.

Beverage Cleaning:

Taking warm wet towel to sorb out the beverage. The earlier you deal with, the better it will be.

Fine Hair Sofa Cleaning:

Dipping some diluent alcohol with clean towel, and wipe the sofa; then dry it with hair drier. If smudged by juice, clean it with clear water mixed with small amount of Soda.

2. Disassembled Sofa:

Cotton Cloth Sofa, cleaned with warm water, not put into washing machine or add bleacher for washing, in case of color fading. If the sofa material is artificial cotton or artificial silk, hemp, or wool, it should be dry-cleaned. Clean the sofa with detergent once per year, but remember to clear out the detergent completely. For the protective sleeve, it can be washed in the usual way. It’s suggested to do the dust absorption work at least once every week, especially the sofa handrail, backrest and chink.


Whenever cleaning with vacuum cleaner, don’t use its suction brush or with large suction, in case damaging the cloth lines. It’s advised to overturn its mat to make the abrasion well-distributed.

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