The main elements of oil painting

Tuesday, 18 June 2013 07:45 Jenn


If you are a layman of oil original art painting, please take it easy!

The following tips will help you to be able to have a clear recognition about traditional oil painting:


The true-life art paintings are of good quality. The top state of decor canvas artwork is not actualized. The most valuable point is the rapport between color and physique. A piece of good works, its weak points behind picture should be filled by the color, has a great foil effect.


The author should be qualified with good sketch ability to finish paintings successfully, and give correct sense of object, tactile impression and texture and perspective according to the size.


Painting artworks often reflect author’s different ideas in variety situations, even so the most famous oil painters; their canvas art style and brush style can be different for the change of situations. Reputation doesn’t mean everything.


The title of framed oil painting isn’t so important relatively, normally they are very casual, or even just for the archive. There is usually the painted time being used as a title for a lot of works.


The two main types of wall art base are plate and cloth. On-plate painting normally existed before the Renaissance, for there was no good linen. While, the main material of modern oil painting is linen.