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Sunday, 21 Apr 2019

Reproduction Oil Paintings

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When you think of reproduction paintings in general, you think of the old masters that have been faithfully copied onto a cheaper medium for sale in bulk so that many people are able to appreciate the fine art work of the great artists past and present.

These great works of fine art are then brought into ordinary people's homes to enjoy and appreciate where they would otherwise not be able to unless they either came into a large sum of money or they went out and visited a famous art gallery. The first of those options only ever happens to a handful of people, so the second option of visiting an art gallery or museum is the only way most people get to view great paintings and works of art.

So getting back to paintings reproduction, this process is actually a simple one, especially with the power of home computer printers and the affordability of these nowadays. The traditional way of reproducing old masters was of course to use photography and then creating silk screen prints from the images. When done in bulk, the costs are kept down making the prints easily affordable by most people that want to have a copy of their favorite painting hanging in their homes.

Hanging an Oil Painting Reproduction

When it comes to hanging a reproduction oil painting in your home once you have made your purchase, the usual way is to place the print into a wooden or glass frame in order to hang it on a wall inside your home or otherwise display it. There are a couple of ways of doing this.

The first is to go to an art shop or craftsman who can make picture frames to order. That way you get to choose the color and design of your frame and can have one made that is highly personal and good looking. This is also the more expensive option, but for the extra price, it’s worth to have something that will show your repro canvas painting print off to its best.

The second option is to go shopping to a DIY outlet, art store or anywhere those sells ready-made picture frames, and buy a mass produced and much cheaper frame. Make sure you have the dimensions of your print before you buy, because you don't want to end up with a frame that is too small for the print.

To put a reproduction art into a ready-made frame that you bought yourself is not too difficult as the backs is easily removed, whereupon you simply place the print dead center and replace the back, securing it with the lugs provided.

Siting a Reproduction Art Painting

When deciding upon a site for your art repro painting, it really is a matter of personal choice. You should near a few points in mind when making your final choice of site.

It should be on a wall that is not going to be bathed in bright sunlight, as this can fade the colors and otherwise damage the picture.

It should be high enough on a wall so that you can view it easily. At head height or a little higher is perfect for this.

Make sure you use strong image wire to hang the masterpiece repro and a strong picture hook or screw in the wall so that it is not going to be easily knocked off its mounting.

Other than that, you should choose a place where you will get maximum benefit and enjoyment from the reproduction oil canvas painting in a place that you will see it often and also a place that is easily accessible and not liable to be blocked by tall furniture.



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