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Sunday, 21 Apr 2019


Obsessed with Instagram?


Since 2012, with the popularity of Instagram, people have been crazy about sharing pictures from any special occasion with others on it. Now instead of Mouth-parched-and-tongue-scorched description for friends or relatives, people prefer to describing amazing scenery spots through pictures on Instagram. What about you?

However, MaplePaintingFace here is to surprise you more that we offer to transform digital Instagram images to Canvas Print perfectly.

Giclee Print your nice memories on personalized canvas printing from China custom art painting manufacturer now easily!

Firstly, choose the canvas style. For more interesting, you can select collage style.

Secondly, upload your wanted pictures from your Facebook profile or those that inspire you on other Facebook pages, to Start Canvas on our website.

Next, choose the canvas size. It allows you to create and preview your order modern art canvas printing. Finally submit your pictures and contact with us. Price quotation would be offered when we get your submission.

You can stretch the giclee canvas print to decorate your home or office. Or even surprise your friends with a frame fine art canvas as a gift from a vacation, wedding or any special occasion.

Convert from Instagram to Canvas Printing!


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