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Sunday, 21 Apr 2019

How to preserve an oil painting

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Owing a genuine painting for home or office decoration is a matter of pleasure, also great pride of it. However, extreme humidity, cold, or heat in our living environment is potential hazard to oil canvas painting. Here’re some suggested tips for painting maintain as follows:

1. Storage

The storage room should be both drought and ventilated, away from bathroom and kitchen as far as possible. Never press two décor canvas art face to face, or when temperature becomes higher, the heat might melt the oil surface of the artwork and the canvas paintings will stick to each other, thus cause the pigment to flake, etc.

When rolling a wall art painting, choose plastic thin paper to cover on its surface, and then roll the painting onto the tube. (Please make sure the front outside and back inside.)

Generally speaking, a wall canvas décor painting could be maintained for 200- 300 years. But when time passes by, some paintings may have peelings on the surface only after a couple of years. So if you have a considerable collection, please wrap those rarely wall hanging artwork, and keep them in a wooden case to avoid damages by hard objects.

2. Hanging Condition

A layer of varnish over the finished wall painting can protect the paint. Please remember to clean the surface of canvas print before you spray the varnish on it!

The perfect ambient temperature for a painting is 20 degrees Celsius.

Silica gel packets can be kept next to the framed painting (never on the stretched painting) to absorb excess humidity. Silica gel packs of ten for Rs 200 can be found on ebay.com

To protect the wall art canvas painting from corrosion of damp, spread two layers lightly natural beeswax which had been dissolved in turpentine at the back of the canvas in advance, which can completely prevent the humid air to plunge and brings harm.

Please protect the original artwork paintings from long-term exposure to direct sunlight, because ultraviolet portion of the light will fade or change the oil layer on your artwork decoration painting

3. Cleaning

When the canvas covers with the dust, gently wipe it off with a piece of clean wet duster cloth or a piece of bread. If the canvas art pictures are affected with soot or smoke, use a piece of duster cloth with a little soap and clean water to swap them down, then immediately absorb the remaining water with some material good at sopping, such as a sponge.

Finally, use a hair dryer or electric fan to make it dry. If the fine art painting is of long history, even have the cracks on the surface, please do wipe gently on the spot where you want to clean. Only little water is allowed.



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