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Sunday, 21 Apr 2019

How to Make Signature in Oil Painting

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The oil painting signature has something to do with its commodity. Originally,painter views the signature as promotional symbol to expand his effect and increase the order quantity. Now it has become painter’s usual practice with the time goes.

It’s reported that the first signature for oil painting is seen in the works of Arles Leahy • Durer who groups the first Capital of his name A.D and signs on his masterpiece artwork.

There are variety of different signatures, while they are always signed in the small corner of canvas painting. Some painters sign between “tools” or decorative patterns to be part of the wall art decor painting. Such as, Holbein noted his name in the wood board on the background tree; In 《Maid and Peach》,Serov wrote his name in the lower right corner which is close to tablecloth.

The painters in China often use the abbreviation of their name as signature. Most modern painters sign their name directly or together with Pingyin of their name and the year. Also, write down the title on the back. For those shown original paintings, it's necessary to take down the painting size, material, creating year, painter, work institution and detail address. Some artists, who make their own name as a symbol, make special sign on the artwork in case of copy. For example, painter HuYichuan(胡一川) always writes “川” as his simple signature.

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