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Sunday, 21 Apr 2019

How to hang decorative painting

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No one wants to nail nails on a new wall and make a lot of nail holes. So how to do if want to use paintings or pictures to decorate wall? Maybe you can choose the following methods:

1. If the picture frame is not so heavy, we can use a kind of two-sided sticker, which used for fitment and is about three mm thickness to stick directly on the wall. It is solid and clean, also very convenient. This kind of sticker is obviously available in big furnishing materials market.

2. If the canvas frame is quite heavy, then we should nail circle bolt on the stretcher, tie fairly solid string, nail steel nails on the wall where is near to the ceiling, hang the string of the stretching on the still nail. If you do so, the nail on the top will not being an eyesore, and there is no nail hole on the main part of the wall, while the long hang string can be a good decorative thing sometimes.

3. If art image rail was set when fitting, then we can nail circle bolt on the frame, tie long string, strap a hook made up with thick iron wire at the other side, then we can hang the painting or fine art on picture rail.

The photograph rail is a kind of decorative product which has been manufactured. It is fixed at the top part of wall and near ceiling. It is specialized for hanging mural decorations, like calligraphy, painting, or canvas photo picture; simultaneously it’s also a very good ornament.


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