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Sunday, 21 Apr 2019

How to Decorate Living Room Wall with Paintings

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People always favorite to embellish their housing rooms, and go for different decorating items to decorate their house walls. Well, living room decorating ideas are variously different: Picture, Wall hanging, Indoor plant, and Photo frame etc...

Usually, we find all these items in living rooms.  A painting on living room wall is always a good idea. The interiors of a home will increase by ten-folds by placing a beautiful art painting on the wall. Artworks are the best for interior decorations and they add pleasantness to the rooms. But if you are an art lover, an oil painting will be the best method to add grandeur to your living room. The canvas paintings in a home speak about the artistic tastes and culture of the house owners and, hence utmost care should be taken in choosing the décor arts for the house. Living room wall paintings always add to the overall look of the home.

But do you know how to decorate living room walls with hanging paintings?

We are putting some awesome beautiful painting wall paneling for your room. The unique color combination of yellow, red and black forms the basis of these stunning oil paintings. The color of Sun set is being used for making the paintings canvas. This unique color combination leaves all the 14 paintings similar and different at the same time. Flowers, trees, rivers and buildings can be found in these handmade paintings. If you watch in detail, you can find that one of the main specialties of these wall paintings is the presence of beautiful couples. As you can see, these couples in many wall art canvases are awesome.

The space for the ornaments paintings and the approximate height of the painting should be decided at the time of the interior decoration itself. The lighting arrangements have to be done according to the painting selected. The latest trend is to apply 'indirect light' towards the paintings.

So firstly, hang wall paintings should match the interiors

The size, color and shape of the painting should be compatible with the interiors. It should also be considered that the artistic canvas paintings can inspire minds.

The artist painting has to be hung at one's eye level while standing opposite to the painting. If the gallery wrapped canvas paintings are to be placed one above the other, the center one should come at the eye-level. Vertical paintings make the room appear taller while horizontal paintings make the room appear wider in size.

It adds to the beauty of the living room, if the oil painting is placed above the sofa. The painting should not be bigger than the chairs in the living room. On opposite walls in a room, stretching paintings of equal size and importance have to be kept on each wall. Else, a 'balancing' can be done by placing a big painting on one wall and a group of small paintings on the opposite wall. The arrangement should have a pattern when canvas paintings of different sizes are used.

Also, Own Drawings will be another beautiful scene:

Own drawings can be framed and used for decorations instead of buying expensive paintings. Imagine the kid's room decorated with their own drawings neatly framed. Framed family photo, caricature, photo of the house is also attractive. Special software can be used to change a photo into a painting form. It is also a trend to frame coins, sports jersey, and official symbol instead of paintings. Instead of framing the photos or prints, they can be laminated and used for decoration.

Unfortunately, we hardly know anything about the master hands which produced these mind blowing paintings. But you won’t be having any problem in reproducing these pictures on your wall. Watch all the paintings. Let’s get to know some amazing facts regarding oil painting. Oil painting frames, oil painting from photo, oil painting on canvas, oil painting restoration and oil paintings reproduction are the most important stuffs in oil painting.

Artistic paintings can be bought online at cheaper rates, such as maplepaintingface.com. The most discounted items in oil paintings are the Canvas Printings and Print Digital Photo onto Canvas. Modern oil paintings usually include canvas oil paintings, great masterpieces of oil painting reproduction and so on.










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