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Sunday, 21 Apr 2019

Canvas Oil Paintings: Affordable Ways to Decorate Contemporary Living Room Walls

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Artwork can cost as much as fine pieces of furniture, but it is possible to own real handcrafted oil paintings at an affordable price. Unframed canvas wall art is currently all the rage, and it is finding its way into homes and businesses across the globe. Consider the following affordable ways to decorate a contemporary living room with canvas oil paintings and modern accent pieces, and create a stunning display that expresses your personality and individual decorating style. The decorating options are truly endless with canvas oil paintings, and the new unframed varieties make decorating in stylish ways affordable for just about everyone.

Large Canvas Works of Contemporary Art

One of the most impressive and eye-catching ways to decorate contemporary living room walls is also one of the most affordable. Search online and you will find beautiful works of affordable gallery wrapped canvas, and these works of giclee printing from hand-painted art are highly affordable even though they are stretched. The sides of the canvas are painted to blend in seamlessly with the front, and they look just as stylish as expensive original framed varieties. They add dimension, color, and appeal to bare modern living room walls, and they come in many different sizes and contemporary subjects. One single work of canvas decor art can create an amazing focal point that will immediately draw the eyes inward while setting the theme and the character of the room.

Modern Canvas Oil Panels

Contemporary living room walls decorated with modern canvas oil panels are also impressive and highly stylish, and they can be mounted to fit almost any large vertical space. Canvas panels are very versatile because they provide numerous mounting options. They can be hung together or several inches apart to custom fit an empty space, and depending on the subject, many can be mounted vertically as well as horizontally. Panels Paintings are one of the best values when searching for affordable ways to decorate contemporary living room walls because of their unique versatility, and they will never become boring or obsolete. Their appearance can be changed with the addition of wall accents such as mirrors or artfully crafted sculptured metal.

Modern Oil Paintings and Mirrors

Large framed mirrors are a perfect companion to large framed canvas oil paintings. They offset the paintings by providing a view of an opposite wall, large contemporary windows, or interesting angles across the room. Mirrors are especially useful in a contemporary living room that is smaller than desired since they will naturally reflect light and provide the illusion of extra square-footage.

Consider selecting two modern oil artwork paintings, either a set or two similar pieces that coordinate well together. In addition, select framed wall mirrors of similar size. Create a dramatic display by mounting the paintings and mirrors in a checkerboard pattern. Two mirrors and two paintings will be displayed at opposite corners to achieve this look. This interesting arrangement is especially impressive across from a living room entryway or on a longer wall. It will add width as well as exceptional color and artistic appeal.

Contemporary Canvas Oil Paintings and Sculptured Metal

Three-dimensional sculptured metal works of art go well with contemporary canvas oil arts. Consider selecting a large canvas painting and sculptured metal accent pieces that match the subject of the oil painting. In a living room with high ceilings, hang the painting with the center approximately one foot above eye-level, and mount the sculptured metal works of art a few inches away from opposite upper and lower corners. This is especially impressive when freeform wall sculptures are chosen to create this eye-catching display.

Choose your favorite contemporary canvas oil paintings and accent art that coordinates well with the modern art paintings. These days, hand-painted canvas paintings are more affordable than ever, and they can make almost any contemporary living room look exceptionally rich and incredibly stylish. Search for canvas wall art and discover the many options that will help you transform your living room into a modern showplace that looks professionally decorated without a designer price.

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