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Sunday, 21 Apr 2019

Canvas Artwork from Knife

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Leonid Afremov self-narration

I am a professional oil painting artist, with knife for my paintings. Painting becomes my daily life activity. I will be glad that someone likes my artwork. Meanwhile, I am so appreciated that God gifts me painting talent and purchases my fine art paintings; luckily, they are all affordable for the common people. During my work ongoing, I have been trying large quantity of creating methods, however, I am so high on painting wall hanging art with knife onto canvas.

I am crazy getting inspiration from my deep heart, and model into a beautiful canvas décor art that is in my mind. Every piece of my works stands for my perception, my sensitivity for things and the passion from them.

Of course, I also get the inspiration from music. Art lives in people’s emotion. I still believe, art can help us search for the real side and freedom from people’s wicked part.



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