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Sunday, 21 Apr 2019

Can I Convert Photos to Oil Paintings

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Chances are you have quantities of photographs lying around. Some may be digital, others traditional photographs. Many of us would like to convert photos to oil painting but are not sure how to do this.

Back in the old days, traditional artists would look at photographs and convert them to oil paintings the good old fashioned way…by eye. Artists would use the photo as a frame of reference and sketch the photo, fill it and paint it…layer by layer.

Today, things are quite different. With the introduction of giclee printing, many people are attempting to print their photos. However, many realize it really isn’t that easy and still requires a lot of work.

Most people that try printing on their own ultimately give up. You see, the same principles that apply to the old days still apply to the digital age. You need to be a professional printing staff to giclee print your photos on your own. So the next obvious choice is outsourcing, or asking someone else to do for you.

With the introduction of the internet, you no longer need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars trying to retain a local professional to convert your photo to an oil painting. Now there are many websites, such as, maplepaintingface.com, that consolidate giclee printing artists and paint canvases in record time with phenomenal results. These artists are quite skilled and will make any photo come alive with beautiful colors, experienced printing and modern painting methods.

So the next logical question still remains. With all the websites out there, which one can I trust the most to convert a photo to an oil painting? Luckily, the team MaplePaintingFace.com has gone through all the rigorous testing and be the big winner, for his fast delivery time, museum quality and warm service.


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